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childhood bike memories

I’ve been a fan of cycling for years. This blog actually started as a cycling blog, until I decided to turn it into general fitness.

When I got my road bike a few years ago, it was the first time I had rode a bike since I was a child. Wow, it was a lot harder than I remember from being a kid. I remember flying up the hills back then. Now it makes me want to die.

childhood bike memories

I sometimes wonder if I was part of the last generation that will play outside. During summer, we were out all day. Popping back every 30 minutes to let Mum know I was okay. I’d be out until 10pm some summer nights.

We all had bikes and would be out on them for hours. I had a white and purple Bianca bike. It looked like this:

childhood bike memories

It had one of those bags you could put on the back, but I never had it on because I could cog my friends on the back. I outgrew that bike pretty quickly and for Christmas one year I got a black and purple Raleigh mountain bike.

We would go for miles on it. I remember we would cycle all the way down the river Don and end up in the centre of Doncaster. One day I got home and my Mum was yelling at me.

She was coming home from bingo and saw 11 year old me and my friends cycling on the road around the biggest roundabout in Doncaster. I was grounded for 2 months.

I always remember how unfair that felt. My Mum called my friends parents and told them and they didn’t get grounded. Although they still knocked on my door every day for two months until my grounding was over.

childhood bike memories

Halford’s recently contacted me about children’s bikes. With Christmas coming, they invited me to talk about my first bike and to share some of their bike’s through the decades posters. As I grew up in the 90’s, I picked the 1990’s which features the BMX.

Although I never had a BMX myself as it was more of a boys bike, I do remember standing on the bars that stick out of the wheels and cogging rides off my friends.



Do you remember your first bike?


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  • Sarah

    My first bike was a purple Raleigh (sp?) bike and I was terrified of it! I must have had the stablizers on it about 5 times as long as everyone else, I was never the most confident rider, so whilst everyone else was on two wheels, doing wheelies, giving backies and bouncing up and down the curbs, I was trailing behind on the flatest piece of pavement, and to cross the road I had to go up and down peoples driveways!

    Sarah 🙂
    Saloca in Wonderland

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