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Posted on August 3, 2016

6 Benefits of Kefir, the new health drink craze.

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Benefits of Kefir

Kefir is a fermented drink, made using cow’s milk or goat’s milk. Kefir grains are added to milk.

The grains sound a bit gross, they are cultures of yeast and lactic acid bacteria that look a bit like cauliflower.

There are many benefits to the drink, here are some of them:


A 175ml serving of Kefir provides you with:

  • Protein: 6 grams.
  • Calcium: 20% of the RDA.
  • Phosphorus: 20% of the RDA.
  • Vitamin B12: 14% of the RDA.
  • Riboflavin (B2): 19% of the RDA.
  • Magnesium: 5% of the RDA.

It’s a probiotic.

Kefir is a more powerful probiotic than yogurt. It contains around 30 different microorganisms. It’s a much more potent source of probiotics than other fermented dairy products.

It has antibacterial properties. 

Some probiotics in kefir are known for fighting infections, including Lactobacillus kefiri, which is unique to kefir.

This probiotic can help inhibit the growth of various harmful bacteria, including Salmonella, Helicobacter Pylori and E. coli

Great for healthy bones.

Due it’s high calcium content, kefir can help fight against bone diseases. It also helps the absorption of calcium by cells.

May protect against cancer. 

Probiotics are thought to help inhibit the growth of cancer cells, too. Studies have been done on test tube studies but are yet to be proven on people. But watch this space!

Kefir supports healthy digestion. 

It’s well known that probiotics are good for digestion. But did you know that probiotics like kefir can treat diarrhea? They can also lead to major improvements in various digestive diseases.


Benefits of Kefir

Benefits of Kefir Benefits of Kefir

Bio-tiful Dairy sent me some products from their range.

The range includes:

  • The original Bio-tiful Dairy Organic Kefir milk drink (RRP £1.85/250ml, £2.95/500ml)
  • Bio-tiful Dairy Organic Riazhenka – this has a naturally slightly sweeter taste than Kefir, thanks to the milk being gently baked before the beneficial bacteria is added (RRP £1.85/250ml, £2.95/500ml)
  • For fruit lovers, Bio-tiful Dairy’s new Kefir smoothie range combines the company’s unique organic Kefir with carefully selected fruits and herbs to produce a light and elegant tasting drink that is perfect as a naturally energising breakfast, healthy snack or guilt-free dessert. Available in two flavours, Honey & Mint and Morello Cherry (RRP £1.99/50ml).

The morello cherry one was spot on, if you like cherry yogurts. The drinks are similar to yogurt but a bit thinner. I’d say they’re quite unsweetened, too. The honey & mint and original ones are much better over a cereal or fruit for added sweetness.

Have you tried Kefir before?

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Posted on July 13, 2016

Savse, the zero bull smoothie

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Savse smoothie

When I was given the chance to try some of the Savse (pronounced sav-say) range, I was expecting a bottle or two. I was actually sent a massive box in cooler bags with 10 bottles of the stuff.

Yes please!

Savse drinks are all natural cold press juices. They have 2 of your 5 a day and come in a variety of flavours.

The newest edition is the Purple Carrot, that came out at the start of July.

My favourite so far has been the Super Red. I can’t stand the taste of celery and the thought of drinking something broccoli or kale flavoured kind of turns my stomach, but I’m happy to report all you can taste is strawberry and orange. It’s a lovely refreshing taste, the orange gives it a perfect tang. Yummy!

You can buy them online, or from stores such as Sainbury’s, The Co-Op, Waitrose, Asda, Boots, Ocado, Whole Foods and Planet Organic.

Savse smoothie Savse smoothie Savse smoothie Savse smoothie Savse smoothie Savse smoothie Savse smoothie Savse smoothie

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Posted on June 29, 2016

Degustabox June // The BBQ Box

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degustabox june bbq box

I just want to open this post by saying Degustabox is now offering a £7.00 discount off their box, so if you’ve been seeing these babies around and want to try them for yourself, now is the time! This is the most discount they’ve ever given and makes the box only £5.99!

Discount Code: BLDEG15

This box was filled with lots of yummy treats that are perfect for a BBQ. Let’s take a look:

Butterkist – Yoghurt Popcorn

This was a multipack of 6, each bag has 95 calories and it’s totally going in my packed lunch at work!

Haywards – Medium & Tangy Onions

I’ve started taking salads to work over the past few weeks and I can’t wait to start adding these, I actually forgot how much I love pickled onions. They’re low in calorie for the amount of volume and packed with taste. 19 calories per 100g! A great way to bulk up a salad.

Branston – Spicy Tomato Relish

A BBQ wouldn’t be complete without relish. So get this on your (veggie/vegan) burger!

Zeo –Cloudy Lemonade

Hello, cloudy lemonade! This low calorie, light refreshing drink will be joining me and gin on Thursday night, when I celebrate my 10 days off work! Can’t come sooner!

Schwartz – Burger Mix

Add this to your mince to make your own burgers. It’s suitable for veggies (before the mince, of course), so I may give this a go with some Quorn mince. I can’t say I’m confident in my skills to shape a burger, though!

Amoy – Rich & Cream Coconut Milk

Perfect for adding to Asian and Thai dishes if you’re brave enough to try make some from scratch!

Sacla – Pesto Pots

I LOVE PESTO. But this handy 4 pot pack is not suitable for vegetarians 🙁

Bakedin– Mug Brownie Mix

This is exciting. Each tub ,ales a mug of brownie in only 60 seconds. Just add 15g of butter or marg, some water or milk and stick in the microwave. This won’t fit my macros though, boo.

Think Products – Smooze: Coconut & Mango

I think I’m most excited about these. They’re a freeze at home style ice pop that are all vegan, all healthy and all yummy.

I can’t use my freezer at the moment because it’s in the scary spider basement, but when I move house in a couple of months, HALLO.

Marstons – King Star Lager

I always welcome alcohol in a Degustabox. I’m going to enjoy this while watching Big Brother in an hour or so.

Yes, I watch Big Brother. I’m not even sorry.

Miracle Noodles – Angel Hair Noodles

Similar to Slim Noodles, these are a super low calorie alternative to pasta. These are a life save when dieting or if you’ve feeling extra hungry.

Destrooper – Oliver – Belgian Biscuits

These look delicious and are great with tea, coffee or ice cream. Ice cream. Ice cream. ICE CREAM. Hello summer!

degustabox june bbq box

degustabox june bbq box

degustabox june bbq box

degustabox june bbq box

degustabox june bbq box

degustabox june bbq box

degustabox june bbq box

What do you think looks the nicest?

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Posted on June 15, 2016

The New Coca Cola Life

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I’ve seen Coca-Cola Life on the shelves at the supermarket, but I’ve always just walked past it, not really knowing what it was. Until I was sent a few samples to try for myself.

Basically, Coca-Cola Life is a coke that has lower sugar than regular. If you are one of those people who love coke, but hate Diet Coke and want to consume less sugar, this is your ticket to doing this.

It has 45% less sugar than regular cola. A 330ml can of new Coca-Cola Life has 76 calories.

Sweetened with stevia, it tastes pretty close to regular Diet Coke. Although I don’t mind drinking Diet Coke, I do prefer the full sugar version Cola as a mixer in alcoholic drinks, as it just tastes better with alcohol. I found this made my Southern Comfort and Coke a lot better than with a diet version!

Have you ever tried Coca-Cola Life?

DSC_0814 DSC_0817 DSC_0818

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Posted on June 10, 2016

Body Lab Total Protein Shake


Body Lab Total Protein Shake jennifer lopez

Body Lab is a brand that designs supplements especially for women by women. The products don’t contain any ingredients that cause havoc with your hormones and is also endorsed by Jennifer Lopez, who is the face of the brand.

This Raspberry Vanilla Yogurt shake has 80 calories per scoop and 15g of protein.

When first trying it, I was a bit scared because for some reason I only go for chocolate protein powder. I thought I wouldn’t like it, but it’s actually delicious on it’s own – which is rare in powders I’ve tried in the past.

I blended it with about 200ml of water and it was quite creamy and like a thick milkshake.

The only thing is that it doesn’t have as much protein per scoop as my other powders, which has about 20-25g on average. I guess this is why it has less calories though and you could always add more powder to make it up.

I’m going to try this with a banana added for a quick pick me up before the gym, I imagine it tastes amazing.

You can find the range in Superdrug – which also includes a vanilla flavour, supplements to increase your metabolism and a 14 day jump start kit.

Body Lab Total Protein Shake jennifer lopez Body Lab Total Protein Shake jennifer lopez Body Lab Total Protein Shake jennifer lopez Body Lab Total Protein Shake jennifer lopez

Posted on May 27, 2016

Rejuvenation water // water with added life


Rejuvenation water

Rejuvenation water was one of the products in the April Degustabox – it’s a spring water enriched with amino acids.

L-Glutamine is an amino acid that is a building block of protein. It’s the most abundant amino acid in the bloodstream and it makes up 30-35 percent of the amino acid nitrogen in your blood. This has many health benefits:

  • Primary fuel source for the immune and central nervous system
  • Build a natural resilience to stress, depression and anxiety
  • Aid digestion and the absorption of proteins

The drink, which is designed to deal with rigours of modern day life, suck as tension, depression, anxiety – as well as being a great aid for curing a hangover, is available in 3 different flavours:

  • Apple & Mint
  • Ginger & Lime
  • Spanish Orange

There’s no added sugar and it’s sweetened with stevia, giving it around 50 calories per bottle.

This drink is a great option if you need a bit of a pick me up!

Rejuvenation water Rejuvenation water Rejuvenation water

This product was sent to me for review via Degustabox, the monthly food subscription box. If you want to get hold of your own box full of yummy treats like the ones below, you can get £6 off with the following discount code:


Rejuvenation water

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Posted on May 25, 2016

I’m now a Graze ambassador

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Graze ambassador

Woo, exciting times ahead. I’m now a brand ambassador for Graze box. This means I’ll be getting the chance to try and review snacks straight from the Graze kitchen and will be sharing them with you on here and social media.

Graze is a box that I’ve subscribed to on and off since they first came out, years ago. I remember getting these at university!

If you’re not aware of Graze, they are one of the original subscription boxes. They send out tasty and healthy treats through your letter box every week or two weeks. You can rate snacks, to ensure if there are any you don’t like, or aren’t interested in trying, that they won’t get sent to you. If there are any you do want to try ASAP, you can select for them to be sent soon.

I’m currently sat eating the Herby Bread Basket pack you can see in the description and it’s delicious. I’ll be adding that to my ‘love’ list, that’s for sure!

Other new flavours I’ve been sent to try are the lemon drizzle flapjack, juicy peach and raspberry and dark chocolate cherry. I can see a couple of these being thrown on top of one of my smoothie bowls 🙂

Graze ambassador Graze ambassador Graze ambassador Graze ambassador Graze ambassador Graze ambassador

Are you a fan of Graze?

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Posted on May 20, 2016

New In – Zero Calorie Canderel Sugarly Sweetener

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Zero Calorie Canderel Sugarly Sweetener

Oh look, a new zero calorie sweetener. Made by the very well known Canderel, this sweetener actually looks and has the texture of sugar – as you can see in the images below.

Normally, sweetener in a jar like this has that light and fluffy texture. But nope, this is granulated, just like sugar, and claims to be the closest thing to sugar you can get.

The taste is pretty spot on, too, the only difference is that it dissolves faster than real sugar and is a bit lighter.

When using this, remember that it’s sweeter than normal sugar so you’ll need less. Half the amount should do it – so if you usually have a tea spoon of sugar in your tea, you’ll need just half a teaspoon of Canderel Sugar to do the trick!

Zero Calorie Canderel Sugarly Sweetener Zero Calorie Canderel Sugarly Sweetener

Zero Calorie Canderel Sugarly Sweetener Zero Calorie Canderel Sugarly Sweetener Zero Calorie Canderel Sugarly Sweetener Zero Calorie Canderel Sugarly Sweetener

This products was sent to me for review via Degustabox, the monthly food subscription box. If you want to get hold of your own box full of yummy treats like the ones below, you can get £6 off with the following discount code:


Zero Calorie Canderel Sugarly Sweetener


Posted on May 18, 2016

Replacing Coffee With Bellevue Tea


Replacing Coffee With Bellevue Tea

I haven’t always been a fan of flavoured teas, it’s something that has happened in recent years.

Coffee. Oh, coffee. I love it but hate it. I drink too much and I’m very sensitive to it and it often gives me headache, so I try to stay away. But when I’m sat at my desk, blogging away, things don’t feel right unless I have a hot drink by my side.

I was sent these by surprise, they came with a parcel with another product I had agreed to review a few months ago. To be honest, I forgot about them for a while. Then one day, I was craving ginger and I remembered about these tea bags in my drawer!

The ginger and lemon infusion is 100% my favourite. Mmmm ginger. It’s my favourite thing lately.

Not only are these beautifully packaged, but they’re caffeine free! Perfect when I have a coffee hangover.

Bellevue Tea Replacing Coffee With Bellevue Tea Replacing Coffee With Bellevue Tea Replacing Coffee With Bellevue Tea Replacing Coffee With Bellevue Tea Replacing Coffee With Bellevue Tea

What’s your favourite tea?

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Posted on May 13, 2016

25 calorie carrot wraps

food/ review

25 calorie carrot wraps

I was looking through Amazon not long ago and came across these 25 calorie carrot wraps.

They come in at 25 calories each, no fat, 6g of carbs and 1 protein. I decided to make some veggie fajita style wraps with these to see how they are.

25 calorie carrot wraps

The wraps look great, but the taste wasn’t so good. It reminds me of rice paper, but savoury. They are quite sticky too and I wouldn’t have been able to eat these with a knife and fork.

They might be better in a cold wrap, but too much moisture or sauce would cause the same problem. I really struggled to roll them as they felt really flimsy, like they would tear.

I really wanted these to be good, but I’m sad to say I won’t be buying them again. Especially as they are £6.99 for a pack of 6! What was I  thinking?

25 calorie carrot wraps 25 calorie carrot wraps 25 calorie carrot wraps

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