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Posted on March 17, 2017

Asics GEL-Kayano 23 from John Lewis

review/ running

Asics GEL-Kayano 23 from John Lewis

I’ve always been very lucky when it comes to trainers. I was sent my last pair at the end of 2014, just in time to train for my half marathon in May 2015. I’ve been wearing them for running and going to the gym for the past few years. A few months ago, I decided to sign up for the half marathon again. A week or so later, I had an email in my inbox asking if I wanted to review a pair of trainers from John Lewis.

Yes. Yes I did.

When I think of John Lewis, I think of makeup, posh pans, perfume and Christmas gift sets. I never would have thought of looking to John Lewis for trainers.

But they sell them.

I was given a selection of trainers to pick from and I decided on the Asics GEL-Kayano 23 Women’s Running Shoes in purple/coral. I fell in love with the colours as soon as I saw them!

Key features:

  • FlyteFoam cushioning
  • Designed for overpronators
  • Fibre-reinforced midsole

These trainers are designed for overpronators and they’re made for long distances. They have a fibre reinforced midsole to help recover shape after impact, that, paired with the gel cushioning in the heel makes sure your feet are protected from every bump they endure. This helps them stay comfy mile and mile.

The FluidFit upper leverages seamless stretch mesh reinforcements to increase forefoot support, while adapting to the foot’s natural motion to create a custom sock-like fit.

These trainers are all about fitting to the shape of your foot and giving you plenty of support as you rack up the miles.

When I first got these, I put them on and wore them around the house to get used to them. Then I did what all good bloggers do – took these photos of them!

I first wore them at the gym, spending 15 minutes on the treadmill with them. I already had blisters from running in my old trainers, but these didn’t irritate them.

I’m sad to say that within 2 minutes of wearing them outside, I got them dirty. I had to run across some grass that was deeper and wetter than expected (pretty sure there’s a joke in there somewhere!). I’ve completed 3 runs in them so far. A 6 miler, a 3-milers and 7-miler.

They feel very light-weight on. You can feel how they hug your feet and I actually ran my fastest 3 miles I’ve ran in probably 18 months in them!

I was worried I would be covered in blisters as I didn’t feel I had as much time to bed them in as I would have wanted, but sometimes you’ve just got to get out there and run!

I must say that the sizes do run small. I’m usually a size 4 and I ordered these in a size 5 and they were a perfect fit. I’ve heard other people say they run small on review sites, so it’s not just me!

Do you like them?


Asics GEL-Kayano 23 from John Lewis

Asics GEL-Kayano 23 from John Lewis

Asics GEL-Kayano 23 from John Lewis

Asics GEL-Kayano 23 from John Lewis

Asics GEL-Kayano 23 from John Lewis

Asics GEL-Kayano 23 from John Lewis

Asics GEL-Kayano 23 from John Lewis


Posted on December 28, 2016

Degustabox December 2016

food/ review

Degustabox December 2016

The last box of the year arrived shortly before Christmas. For once, I was home when it came. I usually miss it and after wait a few days. Boo.

Let’s see what’s inside!

Degustabox December 2016

Degustabox December 2016

Oh Fudge! // £4.99

These are expensive, but these unique flavoured boxes of fudge make a great gift. They come in three flavours and I got Apple and Cinnamon.

Degustabox December 2016

Hoots Snacks // 69p

I loved this and if I saw them in a shop, I’d buy them again. I really enjoyed the salt and pepper one. They’re baked snakes that are suitable for vegetarians and vegans. They’re basically bruschetta and I love them.

Degustabox December 2016

Bite+ Multi Grain Flakes // £1.69

I just couldn’t get on with these. It’s a good idea, but they’re basically cornflakes and I couldn’t disassociate the texture with the cereal so it felt wrong for them to be salty rather than sugary!

Degustabox December 2016

Newton’s Appl Fizzics // £1.29

This is made with a refreshing blend of apple juice and sparkling waters. It’s all natural with 40% less sugar than apple juice. I used this as a mixer with vodka and it was lovely.

Degustabox December 2016

Eisberg Alcoholic Free Wine // £1.39

I’ll be honest and say I won’t be trying this. Alcoholic free wine is not for me! But if you love the taste of wine but want to cut down after Christmas, it might be worth a squirt for you!

Degustabox December 2016

Maggie 3 Minute Noodles // 75p

I was really looking forward to trying these noodles, but I was a bit disappointed as I couldn’t taste the flavour that much. More spice, please!

Degustabox December 2016

What A Melon // £2

Is watermelon water the new coconut water? I’m not sure but I’m not complaining as I love watermelon and can’t wait to try this hydrating drink.

Degustabox December 2016

a2 Milk // £1.39

I’m glad I’ve got this as a backup in case I run out of fresh milk! This is an easy to digest milk that is naturally free from the A1 protein that can trigger lactose intolerance, so it might help if milk makes you feel a bit ill. Make sure you consult your doctor before trying if you have a milk allergy.

Degustabox December 2016

Bahlsen Lebkuchen Mischung // £1.99

These are gingerbread pieces glazed with chocolate and are the perfect size for sharing with guests over the festive period!

Degustabox December 2016

Bahlsen Akora // £1.99

These traditional heart-shaped lebkuchen sound interesting. They’re filled with a spiced jam filling and have a gingerbread base. I think they’ll be delicious at breakfast time with a cuppa!


Degustabox December 2016

Gallo Risotto Box // £2

I really wanted to eat this but it goes in the microwave so I can’t! Although I might take it to work and have on my break. It only takes 1 minute and 30 seconds to cook.

It has no artificial colourings, no hydrogenated fat and no MGSs.



Degustabox December 2016

Nutri-Brex // £3.79 

I love this brand, they’ve featured in Degustabox before and I’m going to take them to work to stop myself eating crap for breakfast. The only thing is I’m not sure if I’ll like the coconut in them as I’m not a massive coconut fan. The breakfast cereal is naturally gluten-free and fortified with vitamins and high in fibre.

You can get a whopping £7.00 discount, which means the first box will cost £5.99 with the code FAZHX at Degustabox.


Posted on December 19, 2016

Boot Camp Body by Slimming Solutions

diet/ review/ weight loss


Boot Camp Body by slimming solutions is a weight loss shake to help you either maintain or lose weight. You can get it in chocolate or strawberry.

To use it for weight loss, replace it with two meals a day. For weight loss maintenance – which would be ideal if you’ve recently lost weight and want to go into maintenance without gaining weight.

Each serving gives you 1/3 of the recommended daily intake of vitamins and minerals – so you don’t need to worry about getting the nutrition you need while on a calorie restricted diet – which can often be a cause of diet failure for many if you’re not feeding yourself properly.

For more information, prices, and to buy it – head over to this site. 

boot camp body meal replacements slimming solutions

boot camp body meal replacements slimming solutions

boot camp body meal replacements slimming solutions


Posted on December 14, 2016

Degustabox November 2016 // The Christmas Box

food/ review

Degustabox November 2016

I’m a bit late with the November box as the delivery company didn’t leave a note to say it was at my neighbours! Oh dear. But I have it now, and here is what’s inside:

November Degustabox 2016

Degustabox November 2016

Christian Potier Sauce // £2.50

These sauces a designed by a French chef and perfect for meat or fish. They’re portioned out ready in servings of one and you just stick them in the microwave for 10 seconds!

Degustabox November 2016

Appy Kids Co Apple Juice // £1.49

Perfect for road trips or lunch boxes, these are 100% natural drinks with no added sugar, perfect for a healthier option or your kids.

Degustabox November 2016

Jules Destrooper Butter Crisps // £1.19

I’ve seen these in the supermarket but never tried them, they have a rich taste of butter and caramelised sugar, making them a great treat to have with tea or coffee, or even with ice cream.

Degustabox November 2016

Ryvita Thins and Crackers // £1.89 & £1.29

Ryvita thins are my favourite thing. I love the cheddar and pepper ones – the caramelised onion one is new to me. I’m glad I got the pepper crackers too because pepper pepper pepper is the best! Going to save these for New Years Eve I think 🙂

Degustabox November 2016

Butterkist Choc Mallow Popcorn // £1.49

Choc Mallow popcorn? I don’t have any words for this. I bet it’s awesome.

Degustabox November 2016

Butterkist Sweet Style Cinema Popcorn // £1.69 per multipack of 6

There are a lot of fancy flavours of popcorn out, but sweet is my favourite. Can’t go wrong with this classic!

Degustabox November 2016

Hartley’s Glitter Jelly // 75p

So glad to see this in here! I have had this before but it wasn’t vegetarian, but this is! Hello jelly shots!

Degustabox November 2016

Pipers Crisps // £2

I have never heard of this brand before, but these crisps are delicious! Similar to kettle chips, thick and full of flavour!

Degustabox November 2016

Michel et Augustin 4 cookie squares // 89p

These healthy treats contain dark chocolate and a pinch of sea salt. I don’t know what makes that healthy but that’s what it says on the leaflet lolz.

Degustabox November 2016

Ahmad Tea Ltd // £4

Strawberry velvet cake! How nice does that sound? This tea comes in 6 interesting flavours and it’s perfect for a luxury treat when you want to avoid caffiene but still have a hot drink in the evening.

Degustabox November 2016

J20 Glitterberry // £2.49

This grape and cherry drink has glitter in it. GLITTER. Would look fab in a Christmas cocktail 🙂

Degustabox November 2016

The Good Cider // £1.50

These ciders are made from the best apple trees in spain. I’m very happy to see a strawberry and lime flavour here as that’s my favourite flavour of cider!

Degustabox November 2016

Broderick’s Crunchy Slam Dunk Peanut Chunk // £1.20

Whole roasted peanuts, rice kripsies, Belgian chocolate all topped with chunky peanut butter and a marpled top of Belgian white and milk chocolate. I don’t think I need to say any more!

Get a £7.00 discount from your own Degustabox using this code: FAZHX


Posted on November 23, 2016

Herbalife Nutrition Protein Bars

diet/ food/ review

Herbalife Nutrition Protein Bars

In the exercise pack I got from Herbalife last week, I was sent a box of protein bars.

The chocolate flavoured bars contain only 139 calories and 10g protein. They’re small in size, too, so ideal for the back of cycling jerseys or for popping in your pocket if you’re going for a run. They’re about the size as a chocolate biscuit, rather than chocolate bar.

I’ve been taking these to work and either having them for breakfast with a piece of fruit or for dinner with fruit after having a bigger breakfast.

They are very chocolatey and sweet. The consistency is similar to a chewy nougat/mars bar type filling. If you’re not a fan of sickly protein bars, then give this a miss, but if you have a sweet tooth then you’ll love them!

Do you have a favourite protein bar or snack?

Herbalife Nutrition Protein Bars

Herbalife Nutrition Protein Bars

Herbalife Nutrition Protein Bars

Herbalife Nutrition Protein Bars


Posted on October 21, 2016

CSX Walking 3D Pedometer

exercise/ review


Tracking activity is something that seems to have taken off quickly over the last few years. Fitbits, iWatch, apps on your phone. All these things are helping people see how much they’re moving, often giving a reality check to those that spend most of their day still.

Of course, most of these things are expensive. There are free apps you can get for phones – but these rely on your having your phone on you at all times .

If you’re looking for something simple and less expensive, get yourself a CSX Walking 3D Pedometer for only £13.99 from Amazon which I was sent to review.

It’s easy to slip in your pocket or wear around your neck with the lanyard. It would make a perfect addition to a hike or a trip out somewhere to see how far you’re walking!

  • Monitor your activity: Daily steps, distance walked (miles or km), calories burnt, average speed, activity time
  • Pause Feature: Stop the pedometer counting steps for any activity you do not wish to be monitored, such as driving in the car, so you get a very accurate record of your steps per day
  • Active Series: 15 Step Buffer – Gets you fitter, you have to walk 15 steps continuously before it registers steps in the pedometer and then counts 16, 17, 18 etc.
  • 7 Day Memory: Automatically resets at midnight and stores all data into memory so you can track your fitness progress
  • Easy to setup and use: accurate and reliable 3D silent sensor with 18 month warranty, includes neck lanyard.

How do you track your activity levels?


dsc_0011 dsc_0012 dsc_0013 dsc_0014


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Posted on September 28, 2016

I love soup. Souper.

food/ review

Beverly LeBlack

Soup is brilliant. What I love about it is that you can make it how you want. You can make it as thick or thin as you want. You can make it full of nutrition or a little bit naughty and indulgent. It can be low in calories or packed with enough that it’s like a whole meal.

Also, it’s comforting in the cold weather. Which is now coming. Doom.

I was sent this book to review. FYI.

I love soup by Beverly LeBlack has 100 of the worlds more delicious and nutritious soups. Each one is unique I’ve never even heard of most of them before.

What I like about the book is at the top, it’s clearly indicated what soups are suitable for vegetarians and people with various types of food allergies.

Most of them are meat based, but you can always use a meat substitute or leave it out.

It’s clear, simple and beautifully presented.

Are you a soup fan?

Beverly LeBlack Beverly LeBlack Beverly LeBlack Beverly LeBlack Beverly LeBlack Beverly LeBlack

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Posted on September 23, 2016

Degustabox September

food/ review


It doesn’t seem like two minutes since I was reviewing the last Degustabox! It’s come around so fast.

For those of you that don’t know, Degustabox is a monthly subscription box that sends you food, snacks, and drinks to try each week. A mixture of classics and new products and brands. I’ve been working with them for the past few years to help spread the word about the boxes and what’s inside.

Let’s take a peek at the September Box!

degustabox September Hartley's No Added Sugar Jelly Pots.

Hartley’s No Added Sugar Jelly Pots.

Jelly is a lot of fun and these are great as a low-calorie sweet snack or in a lunch box. Although the ready to eat ones don’t have gelatin in them, most do contain a colouring called Carmine, which is basically crushed up bugs, so be careful if you’re not a meat eater.

50p each. 

degustabox september Metcalfe's Popcorn Thins

Metcalfe’s Popcorn Thins

These popcorn thins are made from corn so have a unique texture and crunch. I’m kind of excited to try them and love that they’re individually wrapped!

£1 each

september degustabox Mrs Crimble's Fusilli

Mrs Crimble’s Fusilli

When I think of Mrs Crimble, I think of the chocolate coconut macaroons my Mum used to get when she first found out she had IBS. Since then, the gluten-free range in supermarkets has grown loads. Now you can get things like these easy to make pasta meals in sauces. It never would have been this simple to eat gluten free 10 years ago!


degustabox september Chia Bia Whole & Milled Chia Seed Sachets

Chia Bia Whole & Milled Chia Seed Sachets 

Chia seeds have become really popular lately and I do have a bag already. They’re expensive but do last for ages, so it’s not such a big deal. They have Omega 3, fibre and protein. They also help to keep you feeling full and they’re a great addition to smoothies or sweet deserts.

I’ve never tried milled ones before though!

£1 each

september degustabox Ciro Borlotti Beans

Ciro Borlotti Beans

Ciro is a brand that regularly features in Degustabox, but usually their tomato based products. These beans are picked, freshly shelled and quickly steam-cooked in the can for freshness.

They’re a good source of fibre, vitamins, proteins and carbs.

£1.89 per pack of 3

degustabox september Teisseire Sirop

Teisseire Sirop

I love these! I used to have them in France all the time when I lived there. Although the directions say it’s to add flavour to still or sparkling water, it can also be used in beers, spirit drinks and cocktails.


Say YES to No Bread Chips

Say YES to No Bread Chips

I don’t get the name of this brand because it says say yes to no bread. But it is bread.

It’s natural as bread and tasty as chips.

I’m confused by their branding but they seem nice.


Get Fruity Bars

Get Fruity Bars

These fruit and oat bars come in six flavours. They’re gluten free and have virgin coconut oil – each bar is 100% natural.

£1 each

Miso Tasty Miso Soup

Miso Tasty Miso Soup

I love miso soup. Most of it isn’t vegetarian but this one is, woo.

It’s made from 12 months fermented soybeans and rice with a hint of Japanise shichimi spice. They’re not only vegetarian but vegan, gluten free and only 45 calories each!

£3.65 for 4 servings

degustabox september Cape Drinks

Cape Drinks

Cold tea. I’ve never tried cold tea before I don’t think. They’re Rooibos tea though which I like warm but never tried cold. I’m a little scared.

It has no refined sugar and only has natural ingredients.

That’s the box.

Get your own box from and get a massive £7 off your own box with the discount code: BLDEG15

Untitled3 copy

Posted on September 21, 2016

New in // Sci-Mx Pro2GO Caramel Crisp

food/ review

Sci-Mx Pro2GO Caramel Crisp

My old housemate text me a few weeks ago to say I had a package. I had no idea what it could be. When I went to pick it up, I had been sent this little surprise.

I’ve worked with Sci-MX a few times, trying out various products of theirs.

This is the new Pro2Go caramel crisp protein bar which has a massive 21g of protein per bar. Each bar has 253 calories so it’s probably not a dieter’s choice unless you’re using it for a breakfast or meal replacement. But if you’re trying to get more protein in and build those guns, this is one to look out for.

As for the taste, it is one of the better tasting bars I have. It’s kind of like a cross between a Twix and a Mars bar.

Want to try for yourself? Get hold of them here.

Sci-Mx Pro2GO Caramel Crisp

Sci-Mx Pro2GO Caramel Crisp

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Posted on August 10, 2016

MyNoodles made with Konjac flour

diet/ food/ review

MyNoodles made with Konjac flour

Konjac flour seems to be the basis of most noodles like this. There’s pasta versions too, but the noodles are usually the safest bet.

With only 7 calories per servings, it’s a great way to bulk up a dish when on a diet. I generally have these with soya mince and veg with some pasta sauce or chilli. Because the noodles are only 7 calories per serving, I don’t feel at all guilty about grating some cheese on top. Sometimes you don’t have to eat less, just smarter. Ha.

Honestly, every brand of these type of noodles have tasted the same. They all cost around the same price, too. But MyProtein often have offers on where they knock off a few quid of products or your whole order if you spend so much. In that respect, you can end up getting quite a lot of food/suppliments at a discount.

The noodles have a slight fishy smell when you open them, train them and give them a rinse and the smell disappears. They don’t taste of anything but absorb the flavour of what you eat them with. The only thing I dislike about these type of noodles i that they seem to clump together. You either get a fork full of them or nothing! But for 7 calories, you can’t complain.

These things are life savers when you’re really hungry and craving bulk.

Get your own here.

MyNoodles made with Konjac flour MyNoodles made with Konjac flour MyNoodles made with Konjac flour MyNoodles made with Konjac flour

That’s the new Quorn chorizo, too. Which is actually really nice. Please do make sure you cook it first though. I made that mistake, oops.

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