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Posted on January 11, 2017

Getting Back To The Gym

fitness update


It’s been over a month since I went to the gym. Doom. I feel horrific. I’ve been really ill with vertigo and I’m only just feeling normal again.

I feel flabby, big, heavy, unfit, clumsy and sluggish. I feel like I’ve gained weight but I don’t know for sure because I’ve not weighed myself since July.

It’s time to get myself back to the gym and healthy again. For me, going to the gym does wonders for my body image and self-esteem.

I walked 4 miles last Friday which is the longest I’ve walked since I gotten ill. I’m going try going to the gym twice a week to see how I feel.

If all goes well, I’m going to do some at home workouts, too. I have some P90x DVD’s I want to tackle, as well as some online workouts via a collaboration I am doing this month. I want to get back into running and cycling, too. I’m also going to be eating healthier this week.

I’ll buy a scale and weigh myself next week as I do need to track my progress somehow. I need to shift at least half a stone to feel comfortable again and so my work uniform fits me properly!

This means my fitness update posts will be back next week.

Watch this space!


Posted on December 5, 2016

Fitness update // Vertigo Doom

fitness update




I went to the gym on Wednesday and Thursday evening last week. The only evenings I had free. It was hard.

Not the workouts themselves, but I’ve been struggling with vertigo again. It’s been a year since I was diagnosed with it and I go through good periods and bad periods, the last week has been awful. It started on Wednesday. After I got off the treadmill. I had only done 30 minutes of cardio and it hit me. I had to stop walking in the middle of the gym and pretend I was looking at my phone because I was sure I was going to pass out. I made it to the changing rooms and then sat down for a bit before leaving.

It happened again on Thursday. I did some weights and then went on the spin bike. After 2o minutes I felt terrible slowed down to bring my heart beat down, then had to cut my workout short.

Saturday at work was horrible. I was so embarrassed by it. In the end I had to swallow my pride and basically get someone to carry me to my car so I could get my medication. I’m surprised I made it through my whole shift.

I’m really hoping it will pass soon because I don’t want to sacrifice my workouts even more because of this. It’s disheartening when all I want to do is get back into a routine but exercise is setting it off.

I’m feel a bit pants.

Send help, wine and cheese.


Posted on November 21, 2016

Fitness Update // All the spinning

fitness update


Hello again.

Last week I made it to the gym twice. I also did one short at home weight session.

I did mean to go on Friday, too, but left my gym kit at home. Again. Rubbish.

My diet was better last week and I’ve been eating less crap, so winning on that front.

I don’t think I’ll workout this week. My work schedule is pretty full and the only time I have to workout would be Wednesday evening, but I don’t finish work until 6pm, so I wouldn’t get home until 8pm if I did that and I have to pack and sort my flat out as I’m going away from Thursday – Monday. So I declare this a week off, rather than trying to fit the gym in and failing.

I’m pretty much still just coasting through until I have a bit more free time!

I’ll carry on eating less crap and report back in two weeks.

How’s your week going?


Posted on November 14, 2016

Fitness Update // Let’s look at the diet

fitness update



Another week of just two workouts! I had expected to do more, but I spent two unexpected days at my boyfriends, which was actually really productive as he was at work during the day, so I had 2 days of blogging without distraction and then we spent the evenings together.

Although I didn’t get to workout on those days, I did write about 11 blog posts! Woo for productivity.

On Tuesday, I went to the gym and managed to get into a spin class. I did a slightly longer workout than usual due to waiting around for the class, so after doing an upper body workout I had some time to do some leg work.

I did intend to get to the gym on Saturday after work but forgot my gym kit. Doh. But on Sunday I did a short weight workout.

Another busy few weeks coming up and I’m going to focus a bit more on my diet over the next few weeks. If I’m not going to be working out as much, I want to be more conscious about what I eat. I’ve been sent quite a few things to review, such as meal replacement shakes and things so I’m going to use them and get back into eating more fruit and veg!

Hows your week been?


Posted on October 24, 2016

Fitness Update // Just the one

fitness update


That’s your lot guys. One workout. Doom.

I’m actually writing this post on Wednesday of last week. Because I know I’m going to be too busy to write it any other time.

Life is happening and I’m not going to stop it. So whatever.

After working loads last week, I slept from midnight until 10am on Monday morning which is rare. I usually wake up at 7 or 8 on my days off. I sat in front of my computer between 11am and 8pm and caught up on emails, wrote and scheduled 14 blog posts and scheduled some social media stuff because I have plans on all my days off for the next two weeks.  Then I cleaned my flat. I had planned on working out but when I wrote my to-do list out, I knew I wouldn’t have time.

Next week will be interesting because I’m working weird hours so I’m not sure how workouts will tie in with that. I think realistically I’ll only get one in on Tuesday before work. Then I’m doing half nights/half days.

The week after should be a bit more normal.

The workout I did do though was great quality. Got 30 mins of weights in then an intense 30-minute spin session.

Expect a similar post next Monday!


Posted on October 3, 2016

Fitness Update // Nothing to update

fitness update


Oh man. I’ve gone a full week with no exercise!

The intention was there, but I had a water infection that started at the beginning of the week and I was in too much pain to exercise until the weekend, but I had plans at the weekend which left me with no time for anything else. I took my last antibiotic last night so hopefully, it’s cleared up now.

Work is going to be a bit doom at the start of the week, but I hope to get to the gym Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday. I’m off work Friday and I’m going to just have a day of blogging as having a social life is killing my planning and organising!


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Posted on September 26, 2016

Fitness Update // A run finally!

fitness update

IMG_6768 fitup

I’m writing this post on Thursday as last week because I’m going to London Friday – Sunday! Therefore they’ll be no fitness apart from any walking that happens!

On Tuesday, I went to the gym and did a weight workout. This was mainly focused around the squat rack, doing squats, overhead press, bent over rows, and deadlifts. I then did spinning.

On Wednesday I had to take my car in for it’s MOT so I ran back when I had dropped it off which was around 3-4 miles. I also cycled down to collect it burning 600 calories according to my heart rate monitor!

On Thursday I went to the gym again but really wasn’t feeling it. I felt a bit sick and light headed and just blah. So I decided to take it pretty easy, I benched, did some other weights and then a 10-minute walking incline before leaving. It was only 30 minutes and I didn’t feel very accomplished after the session at all. Doom.

That’s it for my week! I was planning on doing more this week but I only planned the London trip on Monday. Life, eh?

How was your week?

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Posted on September 19, 2016

Fitness Update // Bootcamp

fitness update

IMG_6684 PicMonkey Collage

This week I worked out 3 times. One of those workouts was an outdoor workout I went to and it was wonderful.

Well, it was painful but also an amazing workout! There were loads of running, burpees, squats and loads of fun team work based activities. I had a right sweat on and burnt nearly 900 calories and can’t wait to go again!

The other two workouts were standard gym ones with spin bike as cardio again. I feel a bit in a rut with the weights as I feel like I’m not progressing so I’ve been pushing a little harder so hopefully I’ll see some results soon.

How has your week been?

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Posted on September 12, 2016

Fitness Update // Legs Legs Legs

fitness update


That whole spin bike session I was on about last week is awesome! It really does give the legs a great workout. Even a 10-minute session with 15 seconds high intensity and 45 minutes easy kills me!

This week I only made it to the gym twice as I’ve been really busy. Not next week but the week after I have a week off work and I cannot even begin to tell you how excited I am for a full week off to get everything in my life sorted.

I’m desperate to get ahead with some blog content so I can workout more. It’s like, today is Sunday and because I have plans later I don’t have time to blog, workout and clean the flat. So working out is suffering. I just need some time to catch up!

My first gym session was Wednesday and it was an amazing workout. I did a full body weight session but it was focused highly on the legs. So much so that I was in pain for two days. On Friday’s workout, I focused more on my arms as I was still in a lot of pain.

It was my Dad’s 70th last week, so I spent all Saturday in my home town and didn’t get back until 11pm. I had the intention of working out on Sunday morning but time simply escaped me!

Let’s see what next week brings.

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Posted on September 5, 2016

Fitness Update // Feeling the burn

fitness update

fitness update

fitness update

It’s not often I feel the burn when exercising or lifting weights, which is something that always frustrates me. I associate having aching muscles the next day with muscles being torn and then growing back stronger.

So I’ve been pushing just a bit harder at the gym to get there. I’ve been trying to get more squats and spend more time on the bench press which seems to do the trick.

Since I’ve been cycling more, I’ve been using the spin bikes at the gym to try and build some muscle in my legs. I don’t do loads on the spin bike, but after a weight session I’ve been going for a 10-minute spin where I do 15 seconds out of the saddle on high intensity, then 45 seconds in the seat, turning the intensity down. It really gets my heart rate up and I can feel it in my legs. I need to play with some other ways, like turning it up half a turn every 30 seconds until I can’t pedal anymore.

So here are the workouts for the week:

Monday I cycled 9 miles. It was hard. CYCLING IS HARD. Burnt over 600 calories according to the watch.

Tuesday and Wednesday was a wipe out as I had stock take at work, which meant a 3am-3pm shift on Wednesday.

Thursday I went to the gym, I did around 40 minutes weights and then 10-minutes on the spin bike.

Friday I was hungover so didn’t do anything, then had a wedding to go to!

Saturday after work I did another 30 minutes weight session and then 10 minutes on the spin bike.

Sunday: 20 minutes weights and 30 minute spin session.

How was your week?

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