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Posted on September 18, 2017

Fitness Update // #SoShapeChallenge

fitness update

so shape challenge blog review

so shape challenge blog review

Wednesday: Back, bicep + forearm + Cardio.
Thursday: Leg day! + Shoulders + Cardio.
Friday: Circuits + Cardio.
Saturday: Playing on the squat rack + Cardio.
Sunday: Legs + Cardio.

After a rough start to the week, I did pretty well towards the end. I went to the gym 5 times. My cardio has been consisting of 20-30 minutes on the stair master and sometimes 10-20 mins walking on an incline.

My Fitbit Blaze has been playing up a bit and not always recording my heart rate correctly. This annoys me as I love to see my calorie burn.

Foodwise, I’ve been doing well. I’m almost a week into the So Shape Challenge I am doing and I’ve lost a bit of weight, finally. I’ll update more on that later in the week.

I’m finally starting to feel a bit better about my body again. Although the scale isn’t massively different, I think there’s a fair difference in how I look thanks to all the weight training I am doing.


How has your week been?

Posted on September 11, 2017

Fitness Update // Back From Holiday

fitness update

Woah, so sorry that it’s been quiet over here. I’ve been on holiday for two weeks. I was still updating my lifestyle blog, but this one took a bit of a back seat.

I did intend to work out on holiday, but sadly I didn’t. It was just too hot, but I did end up doing a lot of swimming in the sea and swimming pool.

I got back last Thursday. I’m happy to report I have not gained any weight, even though I drank almost every day and ate lots of steak and lamb. So that’s good.

I went to the gym on Friday and Sunday and had a great workout. Glad to get straight back into it.

I have a new diet starting tomorrow. I am trialing something called So Shape, it’s meal replacement with two meal replacements and one meal of anything. I’ll post more about it later, though.

Hows your fitness been lately?

Posted on August 21, 2017

Fitness Update // Fat is stuck to me

fitness update

Monday: Back, bicep + forearm (365 cals)
Tuesday: Rest
Wednesday Shoulders + legs: (617 cals)
Thursday: Abs (476 cals)
Friday:  General arms (254 cals)
Saturday: Rest (AKA DRUNK)
Sunday: Chest + triceps (565 cals)

For the past 3 weeks I’ve been gaining and losing the same 3lbs. It’s starting to really piss me off now because I’ve been trying very hard. I did take new progress photos and my body has changed for the better over the past few weeks, but not seeing the number decline on the scale is very demotivating.

I only have a few days left until I go on holiday. I’m going to pack on Monday and go to the gym Tuesday and Wednesday morning – then I go to my parents Wednesday afternoon and fly to Zante for 2 weeks in Thursday morning.

I’ve bought a fitness tracker that works underwater for my holiday so I can swim and track my heart rate and how hard I’m working. I also plan on doing a couple of morning runs and workouts in my hotel room. I’m sad that my hotel doesn’t have a gym.

I’ll try to update next Monday but I am not sure how good the hotel wifi will be.

Hows your week been?

Posted on August 14, 2017

Fitness Update// Still doing well

fitness update

fitness blogger

uk fitness blogger

Monday: Chest + Triceps (373 cals)
Tuesday: Back, Biceps + Forearms (128 cals)
Wednesday: Shoulders + Legs (471 cals)
Thursday: Abs (417 cals)
Friday: Random arm weights (430 cals)
Saturday: Cardio (377 cals)
Sunday: Chest + Triceps (379 cals)

I went to the gym every day last week! That’s great but I’m not sure how many times I’ll be able to go next week. I need t make it count when I go to make up for it. I did Monday’s workout on Sunday to make sure I get them all in.

As you can see, Tuesdays workout wasn’t great. I took it easy on the legs as I had really bad DOMS from last Sundays massive workout. They hurt most of the week, but on Tuesday they were worse, I think because I still worked out on Monday and also did a lot of waking during the day.

I went to spin class on Saturday and I’m surprised I meant it, to be honest. Getting up for an 8am class is not easy at all. Sunday was also hard because I was a bit hungover but determined to burn a few calories after a boozy Saturday night.

I am getting stronger though and it feels great. Moved up to 22.5kg on the chest press. I could probably add more for single or doubles but I’ve been doing 3 sets of 3.

I lost the weight I gained from last weekend so I’m down to 3lbs loss overall. It’s not a massive loss, but I know my body takes ages to lose weight so I just need to carry on. I need to see how much damage Saturday night has done.

10 days until Zante! Yikes.

Posted on August 7, 2017

Fitness Update // Back on it

fitness update

fitness blogger uk

fitness blogger uk fitness blogger uk

Wow, this is the first fitness updated in ages. I posted a couple months ago about my plan to lose weight. Sadly, I was hit with another episode of vertigo which wiped me out for a few weeks. Then I was away for a week then moving house.

This is my third week back at the gym and I’ve been feeling pretty great about it. I’ve lost 2.4lbs so far. Of course I’d love to lose more, but I did go out last Saturday and Sunday which included a meal and many drinks.

Monday: Chest and Triceps and 30 mins cardio

Tuesday: Back, Biceps and Forearm and 30 mins spin class

Wednesday: Shoulders and Legs 40 mins cardio

Thursday: Abs and 40 mins cardio

Friday: General arms and 35 mins cardio

Sunday: Circuits then cardio

Friday was a bit of a general arms day as it wasn’t in my workout plan to go to the gym. I just picked 6 exercises I like and did those.

On Sunday I burnt 1000 calories at the gym after a massive 1 hour and 48 minute workout. I was doing circuits for an hour and 15 minutes, keeping my heart rate up on the stepper between sets. My heart rate didn’t go below 155 the whole time and was often in the 160’s!

I think the biggest change for losing weight has been the diet. I’ve been keeping track of everything I eat and staying away from bacon at work, which is something I always struggle with. I’ve been having a slice of brown toast with beans and some fruit at work and 2 scrambled eggs when I’m at home.

Hoping I can keep this up, only 3 and a half weeks until I go on holiday!

Posted on May 22, 2017

Weight loss plan – please join me.

fitness update


I ran my half marathon on the 14 May, it was painful and I’ve spent the last week recovering. I had a few days where I was in pain, blisters on my feet and my hip. Then at the back end of the week, the muscle in my leg started hurting so I took a rest week.

I’m hoping my leg will be better as now the marathon is out of the way, I’m going to be focusing on losing weight.


2015 and 2016

I want to lose 11.5 lbs by the time I go no holiday on the 24th August. That might be an odd number, but it’s the one that takes me to a round stone.

I was hoping to lose weight during the marathon training, but I only lost around 3lbs.

I’ve been really struggling to lose weight while being on the pill. I know the reason I’ve not lost during the marathon was my diet, though. I been doing half arsed attempts at being healthy, but not doing it properly. It’s too easy to have a cooked breakfast at work when it’s in front of you.

I’ll be weighing in on a Friday morning as I spend weekends at my boyfriends. I’ve calculated that if I lose a pound a week, I’ll be at my goal weight by 11th August, which is not an unrealistic goal.

There are some events I have that will make it hard to diet and exercise, but I’ll have to work extra hard the weeks before and after so I can still enjoy myself.

Some commitments:


  • Meal prep for work and take salads/fruit.
  • Have cucumbers, carrots and cuppasoups in for snacks when hungry.
  • Cut down on cheese.
  • No more cooked breakfasts at work!
  • Track calories to be honest about portion sizes.
  • Cut down on alcohol.


  • Book spin classes.
  • Get back into weights.
  • Gym Monday, Wednesday and Thursday at least.
  • 2 upper body days, 1 lower body days.

I must get back into this dress:

Do you have any weightloss goals? Let me know if you have any posts about it. I need motivation.



Posted on May 1, 2017

Fitness Update // Last few weeks

fitness update



I’ve been a terrible person at updating this site. I am sorry. Well, not really. Maybe a little bit. I’ve just been so busy.

I’ve still been running though! Hurrah! I’ve hardly been going to the gym, but I’ve been getting out running.

I’ve got 2 weeks until my half marathon. The longest I’ve run is 10 miles. I know I’ve not trained as much as I did the last time I ran a half, but I’ve been finding it hard to fit the longer runs in. I would have ran on Friday, but I had an event to go to so couldn’t. I spent Friday hungover instead. I plan to do an 11 mile run next Friday and that will be it for my long runs. I did 11 miles last time as my longest run and was okay.

My fear is that my pace isn’t as fast. I’ve not been going to the gym as much to do sprints on the treadmill. But what can you do.

My aim has always been just to get around the course and finish the 13.1 miles.

Runs I have planned up until my half are:

Tuesday: 3 miles.
Friday: 11 miles.
Sunday: 4 miles
Tuesday: 3 miles
Friday: 6 miles
Sunday: half-marathon.

Pray for no rain so I can complete these.

How are you doing?


Posted on April 10, 2017

Fitness Update // 9 miles!

fitness update



I only had two workouts last week. A 3 mile run on Wednesday and a 9 mile run on Friday. Sunday was out for me as I went to watch my boyfriend in a bike race in the morning instead of doing training.

The 3 mile run was harder than it should have been. It felt hard which was annoying, but the 9 mile run felt great. It’s the easiest long run I’ve had yet and my pace was an amazing 10.39 per mile. Which isn’t fast for some, but I was doing about 12 min miles on my pervious long runs! That’s also faster than the pace of my last half marathon, I did that in 10:51 per mile so I’m feel a lot more confident for the half marathon than I was the days running up to this long run.

I was doing intervals on the long run. First of all, I’d run the last 10th of a mile as fast as I could. Then after a couple of miles I’d up the speed every half a mile. It seemed to not only help my overall speed, but it made it seem quicker as rather than thinking ‘5 miles to go’ or whatever, I was just looking towards the next half mile.

I don’t know when my next long run will be now, probably next Friday as I have plans this Friday. Doom on life!

How was your week?


Posted on April 3, 2017

Fitness Update // 23 mile bike ride

fitness update

fitness update

fitness update

I’ve had a busy week this past week. I was off work and instead of having a load of time to work out and blog, I’ve actually been having a life instead.

I went to London at the start of the week so didn’t get any workouts in until Thursday. I went to the gym and did a 45 minute spin class. On Saturday, I went on a 23 mile bike ride with my boyfriend which wasn’t actually as bad as when he took me on a 10 mile bike ride in October and I almost died. So that was great.

Then on Sunday I went on a run. I had hoped to go further but my legs could not carry me. It was a very slow run. I think my legs must have been tired from the bike ride the day before.

I need to get another long run in this week for the half marathon. I’m getting a bit disheartened about how rubbish my pace has been this time around compared when I last trained for a half marathon. I just don’t have it in my to up my speed. Boo.

How was your week?


Posted on March 27, 2017

Fitness Update // 8 miles

fitness update



Things are getting serious now! I’m up to 8 miles on my runs!

This week I went to the gym Tuesday and Thursday after work and did 40 minutes cardio. Friday I ran 8 miles and as usual, it was hard.

I know I keep saying this, but I feel like I forget how hard it is when the run is over until the next time I run and I’m like ‘oh no, this again, why am I doing this to myself?’.

I weigh a stone and a half more than the last time I was doing a half marathon and I can really see the difference in my times and feel the difference running. It’s hard to lug the extra weight around. I’ve not weighed myself in ages but I’m hoping I’ll lose some weight. I just need to get the courage to step on the scale!

I also ran 4 miles on Sunday. It wasn’t the fastest pace, but 20 seconds per mile faster than my last 4 mile run a few weeks ago. So that’s something, I guess.

I’m going to London today, I’m hoping to run 9 miles on Thursday morning when I’m back and then go out for another run across the weekend.

How’s your week been?


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