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Posted on April 7, 2017

Fitness clothes

clothing/ running


Newline are not a brand I’ve heard of before, but they recently contacted me to see if I would be interested in reviewing some of their running kit.

As I have a half marathon coming up, I was happy to accept!

They sent me this tee and tights to try out.

The first thing I must mention is that the sizes run very small. As a size 10/12, I found the large that I ordered to be slightly small on me. I always hate it when companies do small/medium/large instead of standard sizes as you never know what you’re going to get!

That aside, the kit itself was brilliant quality. I love the detail on the pants and the embossed graphic looks fantastic. The material is stretchy and the tights have my favourite thing – a back pocket!

The tee is made from soft cotton and feels great on the skin. It has moisture management to keep you comfortable on those long runs.

Check out their shop, they have some lovely things in plenty of different colours and patterns!

dsc_0059 dsc_0063 dsc_0067 dsc_0069 dsc_0070


Posted on January 27, 2017

Love new gym clothes with Love The Sales


Love new gym clothes with Love The Sales

I posted on my lifestyle blog last week a wishlist of clothes I wanted. I picked some items from a new website I’ve found called Love The Sales. Love The Sales is basically a library of items from all across the web that are on sale, meaning you can view sales all in one place rather than going from site to site. The also have a section of fitness and sports clothes and equipment. As I’m looking for some new sportswear (aren’t I always?) I’ve put together a list of things I want.

I’m considering treating myself to a few when I’ve lost some weight. Which I am finding very difficult at the moment, despite obsessive tracking of my intake and exercise. Send good weight loss vibes to me so I can treat myself. K, thanks.

Love new gym clothes with Love The Sales

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Posted on January 3, 2017

Sundried launch recycled activewear

clothing/ exercise


In 2017 Sundried will launch its new recycled activewear, which is currently being developed to continue their ethical ethos. 

I’ve been a fan of Sundried since they first contacted me months ago try to one of their tank tops. Since then I’ve worked with them a few times promoting their ethical activewear.  

Sundried’s new collections has a strong focus on triathlon, cycling, functional fitness and the ‘all day active’. So if you want a new tri-suit or just something to lounge about it, there’s something for you. Curious about how it’s made? Then see the below information:


2017 will see Sundried taking fabrics to a new level. Using recycled plastics and used coffee, Sundried has been developing a sustainable technology suitable for activewear. By utilising coffee’s natural ability to block odour, the fabric is the ideal choice for some of our new garments. Partnering with coffee shops and collecting their used coffee grounds has provided a very sustainable route to supply raw material. Once thought of as garbage, now can be looked at as “trash to cash” while we continue to collect used coffee ground and plastic bottles from landfills by giving it another life.

Low carbon Info (audit from the Low-carbon Innovation Fund):

Sundried is a sustainable active wear brand focused on creating low-carbon, stylish and functional garments. Part of the company mission is to ensure that sustainability is at the core of everything we do. 

Our clothing range delivers C02e savings in a number of ways. Firstly, there is a carbon saving as a result of our low carbon freight policy which avoids using air freight to/from clothing manufacturing destinations (e.g. China/India etc.). Instead, we use land freight to ship goods to Southend. This action alone has resulted in avoiding 7179.1km of air freight travel displacing 7,725.22kg C02e. 

Secondly, our clothing range is designed to be washed at cooler temperatures. Between now (July 2016) and December 2020, this will help contribute toward a saving of 25,163.424 kWh in electricity consumed displacing 11,630.28 kg C02e. 

Thirdly, our products are produced with a unique cotton and polyester fabric which is extremely durable and designed to be re-worn/re-washed numerous times without damage to the fit or colour. Based on our calculations, without our garments the user would purchase 5 individual garments over 4 years. This would result in the disposal of 4.888 tonnes of fabric with a carbon impact of 2,158.872 kg C02e. 

Lastly, just as the disposal of garments is avoided with our products, the production of the garments of the same tonnage is avoided resulting in the displacement of 87,254.41 kg C02e. In total, Sundried help to displace 108,768.782 kg C02e or 108.768 T C02e.

Plastic showing up in water supplies is a huge concern and Sundried have been supporting Surfers Against Sewage for several years now.

womens-3quater-legging womens-ls-seamless womens-seamless-leggings womens-seamless-merino-wool womens-vest-1


Posted on August 18, 2016

Sundried Hit Their Fundraising Target!


sundried active wear

Remember this photo from a few weeks ago:

sundried active wear

This sports top is by a company called Sundried. Their first collection launched in June 2016 after two years of brand development and testing.

Being a start-up company, they’ve been raising money on Crowd Cube and have recently smashed their target of £125k! There’s still 5 days left to go, so if you want to check them out, view the fund raising site here.

sundried active wear

The brand have some pretty epic values, encouraging you to live a healthy lifestyle not only for your own well-being, but to help the environment. Why drive somewhere when you can walk? Is quote on their ‘Our Values‘ page – where you can find more info about all the food stuff this brand is trying to do for the world.

Sundried also supports charity Water for Kids by donating 5% of its revenue.

sundried active wear

I love backing a brand with good values, oh, and their clothing isn’t bad too 😉

Untitled3 copy

Posted on April 15, 2016

Suitable Walking Shoes



A couple weeks ago, I went to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park. It’s a massive park full of sculptures, fields and a big lake. Little did I know that I would be walking 7 miles, a lot of the time on grass and in the mud. Typical Corinne wore black ballet pumps and they got wrecked.

It was such a beautiful day though! My favourite day of the year, in fact. My favourite day of the year is when you get to be outside for the first time in that year without a coat on. IT WAS THIS DAY.

We had so much fun that we decided we might spend a few Sundays doing various walks and hikes around Yorkshire. So This means I need to get some suitable shoes.

I had a look around a few websites and made a wish list.

The top two are from Skechers, the second two are from Sports Direct and the bottom two are from House of Fraser, if you’re wanting to have a look yourself!


If you’re local to Yorkshire, please tell me some nice places to go for walks this Spring/Summer 🙂


Posted on March 30, 2016

New in // Workout Gear


Copy of 5 things (2)

Now that I’m back in full force on the fitness wagon, I decided to treat myself and get myself some new gym gear. Nothing inspirers me more than new gym gear!

I used to always wear tight tops and shorts, then when I gained weight I started to wear baggy tops because I was embarrassed of my body. It made me feel ugly at the gym. And while I know you don’t go to the gym to look pretty, and that I’ll never be one of those girls that looks cute when working out, I wanted to wear clothes that made me feel good about myself.

I bought myself some tops in a size above what I would usually get, some colourful sports bras and pants to make my gym gear more exciting, rather than wearing dark colours all the time.

I headed over to Sports Direct and before I knew it, I had all this in my basket and was checking out! It only came to around £80 too, which I think is great for what is basically 2 full workout kits!


What do you workout in?


Posted on December 30, 2015

New Year New Workout Clothes

clothing/ exercise

Copy of 5 things

I mentioned in my what I got for Christmas haul over on my lifestyle blog that my Mum gave me a credit note for Sports Direct. She bought something for me but then took it back as she wasn’t sure if she would like it.

They wouldn’t refund the cash, so she gave me the credit note to buy what I want. Luckily I could use this online. Because I do everything online. Real lyfe sux.

I’ve been thinking of getting a few new bits of workout gear for a while now, so this was the perfect excuse to splurge.

Here’s what I got:

DSC_0669 DSC_0671

I love the pattern on these pants, they’re capri length so come just below the knees. Better yet, they have a pocket just above the bum which is handy for holding keys while on a run.


In January, I want to get back into doing daily yoga again, so I bought these funky leggings to wear while doing it as I love colourful leggings like this!


I’m always scrapping about trying to find a sports bra when packing for the gym, for me, this was pure indication that I needed to get myself a new one.


I love these Karimoor tops, I have one in black and purple also and they’re my most worn items.


Socks are another one of those items that I’m always scrapping around trying to find in a morning. I clearly don’t have enough socks that are specifically for running. I find if I just wear normal socks, I get blisters, so these are a must have.

Have you been getting any new gym kit lately?


Posted on December 2, 2015

My Christmas Fitness Wishlist



christmas fitness wishlist

Christmas is coming SO SO SO SO SO SOON!

I wanted to put together a list of fitness related things I want for Christmas to help you if you know someone who is a fan of keeping fit and don’t know what to get them for Christmas, or if you want to get me something for Christmas but don’t know what to get me. 😉christmas fitness wishlist

  1. Sports Bra – I can’t count how many time I’ve rummaged around in a morning looking for a sports bra. They’re essential for running and I can’t go to the gym without one! You can get them in different funky patterns, colours and styles and they make a great gift that’s actually useful.
  2. A book about fitness – there’s nothing like a fitness or running related book to inspire – whether it’s fiction, a biography or a book around the science of fitness, they’re all great reads for people who love (or want to love) exercise.
  3. Medicine Ball – medicine balls are great for toning and strengthening and give you a different way to working out than your usual weights. These are something I want to start experimenting with, I see them at the gym but because I have no idea how to use them, I’m all RUN AWAY!
  4. Slogan Tee – I love a good slogan t-shirt like this – whether it’s a shirt with a funny quote such as running to drink wine, or what that has a motivational quote, they’re always a winner!
  5. Workout Journal – another way to stay motivated is to keep a journal of your workouts. You can do this easily on your phone but to be honest, I prefer the old pen and paper approach when it comes to tracking things like this! There are loads of workout diaries out there and they make great gifts.
  6. Winter Running Top – it’s cold but I still want to run! Last year I asked my Mum for a long sleeved running top for Christmas to help me through winter and it was a great gift – not only for running but to throw on after the gym on your way home.
  7. Sports Socks – just like a sports bra, socks are something I’m always scrambling around for! I find if I don’t wear socks designed for exercise or running, I am much more prone to blisters!
  8. Kettle Bells – as with medicine balls, these have been something I’ve been wanting to experiment with lately. I’ve had a play at the gym but feel a bit stupid – I’d love my own set to get myself started. With the amount of YouTube videos around nowadays, I bet there’s loads using kettle bells I could follow long with!

What’s on your fitness wish list?


Posted on July 17, 2015

Trespass 3-in-1 Waterproof Jacket

clothing/ review


Trespass is one of those brands everyone has heard off. Known for their outdoor sports equipment, they’re a brand I’ve grown up with.

My first ski jacket was Trespass. I’ve had it since I was 17 years old!

When I was asked about trying something from their summer outdoor range, I knew I wanted something that could double up as a snowboarding jacket.

This jacket is intended as an outdoor jacket – perfect for hikes and camping in both summer and winter.

It’s 3-in-1 as it has a fleece jacket inside which can be removed to either wear on its own or to make the jacket suitable for warmer temperatures.

It’s waterproof to 2000mm, which might not be quite enough for a weekend in the mountains snowboarding, but is perfectly fine for a few hours at indoor snow slope Xscape or an afternoon hike in the rain.

Best of all – it has pockets hidden all over! I love me some pockets. There are two in the front, side pockets under the fleece and pockets in the fleece itself.

I’ve had a nosey at their snowboard selection too and I’m in love with this jacket. Just look at those colours! Now to book that trip to Austria…

DSC_0982 DSC_0972 DSC_0976 DSC_0988 DSC_0989 DSC_0991

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