Being Ill and Exercise

being sick and exercise

Ugh, guys. I’m frustrated.

On Monday I posted that I had been ill with a water infection. After taking myself to the Drs and getting a course of anti-biotics, I hadn’t worked out all week.

On Monday evening, I had a sudden feeling of being punched in the back. All evening I was in pain and started to feel sick.

I felt the same the next morning so booked a Dr’s appointment. My water infection had spread to my kidneys. I had to take time off work as I was struggling to stand up and walk.

All I wanted to do was have a great week of working out, to make up for the previous week.

Now it’s Friday and I’ve not done anything. While I’ve been back to work, I’m still 100% and I’m stuck between that guilt of not working out, but also not wanting too much myself too hard and make myself iller.

I could do some light exercise. But my body still hurts.

It’s an internal conflict that’s been bothering me and I’m feeling frustrated.

The way I view myself is greatly improved with exercise. Even if there is no physical change in my body – a trip to the gym or a 5-mile run can have me feeling amazing.

Instead, I just feel rather sluggish and frumpy.

How do you guys cope when you’re ill?

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  1. October 7, 2016 / 11:29 pm

    Don’t be so hard on yourself….You need time to recover!
    Feel better soon x

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