What I ate Wednesday // Casino Night!


Another what I ate Wednesday which was not actually from a Wednesday.

This is from Thursday nearly 2 weeks ago. Oops!

As you can probably tell, I basically take photos of what I eat on my day off work and then call it what I ate Wednesday. Great. Glad that’s over with.



I had muesli for breakfast. It’s the one with 50% extra fruit, I’ve been eating this instead of putting fresh fruit on all my breakfast meals. It’s cheaper and easier.

I then went for a 5 mile run. Woo.



Dinner was a MASSIVE salad with prawns, chicken, olives and ham. It was so nice, but lately I’ve been putting less on my salads because I think I was just putting too much on and not really reducing my calories enough to lose weight.

After this, I went to a blog event in Leeds. It was a casino evening, which you can read more about here.


I had a couple of canapes they brought around and about 5 glasses of wine.

Oops, probably not enough food but too much alcohol!

Tell me your what you’re eating this Wednesday 🙂



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