If I could afford my own fitness centre..

dream home gym

I love going to the gym, it makes me feel good about myself and working out when lots of other people are working out can be motivating. Though the biggest frustration about going to the gym can be not being able to get onto the equipment you want. Especially if you have a set session you need to do.

I, like most people, get to the gym around 5 pm on an evening as I go after work. While I’m there, it just gets fuller and fuller and I often find myself running or cutting some exercises short when the next thing I want to use becomes free. Squat racks, bench presses, incline leg press and the upright row machine’s are usually the hardest to get on. It’s not uncommon to be on them and have people ask me how long I’m going to be. Then again, I feel a bit pressured to rush!

I’d love to have my own gym and space to workout, but I don’t have the money or the space. But if money and space were no object, here’s what I’d be adding to my home fitness centre. Yes, I’m going big and calling it a fitness centre!

If I could afford my own fitness centre..

Gym room:

First things first, I’d have two of everything so I could invite friends over and do some workouts together. If money and space is no object, then why the hell not!

I’d have two treadmills, rowers, watt bikes and stair climbers for cardio. Stair climbers are also one of those things you can never get on!

For weights, I’d have free weights, a squat rack, a bench press, medicine balls and kettlebells.

I’d also have one wall all mirror like in the gym. Perfect for those gym selfies, as well as checking your form of course!

Indoor pool:

YES PLEASE! Of course, the pool would have to be indoor. And heated. I love swimming and don’t go often at all. I used to be part of a swimming club as a child, though I wasn’t very fast I always had good endurance for long distance. I only get the chance to go swimming on holiday now! If my gym had a pool I’d use it, but the gyms that have pools are usually really expensive to join. Not like owning and maintaining a pool would be any cheaper…

Outdoor track:

I’d love a running track, it wouldn’t have to be massive like a real 400m track but enough to be able to practice sprints on. I’d have fake grass in the centre and use this space for boot camp style workouts, yoga and kickboxing.

What would you have in your very own gym?



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