7 Reasons Why You’ll Never Regret Taking Up Cycling

Have you ever heard the phrase, ‘It’s just like riding a bike – you never forget once you’ve learned’? It’s absolutely true, too – most of us learn to ride a bike as a child, and whether you continue cycling as a hobby or never do it again until adulthood, you’ll quickly remember how it’s done. A simple sport, cycling as a hobby and a means of transport dates back to 1817! Bicycles have been used to get around, to deliver newspapers, as a means of fitness, and as a purely joyful activity for over 200 years now, and the sport is only growing in popularity.

It is a sport which can incorporate so many of the joys of life; here are seven reasons why you’ll never regret taking up cycling.

Fitness and Health

The obvious reason for taking up cycling as a sport is your fitness and health. Cycling is a sport which keeps your cardiovascular fitness at its absolute peak, as well as toning your muscles along the way. Ten miles of cycling equates to an average of 456 calories burned – that’s a hell of a lot of calories just doing this one exercise. 

Taking up cycling for fitness is a fantastic way of improving your overall health. As an outdoor activity, it combines fresh air with cardiovascular improvement, contributing well to the health of your lungs and heart! Considering that obesity levels are ever-increasing, now is the time to make positive health decisions for you and your family.

Taking In The View

The incredible thing about cycling is that it takes you on outdoor adventures. Taking the bike out to a nearby forest, mountain, or village, will inevitably introduce you to the wonders of the natural world on your doorstep! Discovering new places with your bike is both fun, educational and beautiful. While you’re doing this sport you have the luxury of taking in the world around you, appreciating the views, and getting a taste of the things you’ve been missing while stuck inside at the gym.

Nowadays, there are so many guides available for the best cycling locations in the UK and around the world. Visit some of these guides to find out where cycling can take you next!


Most sports are much more fun with friends, and cycling is no exception. Getting together with fellow cycling enthusiasts and going on a trip together is one of the most fun, enriching forms of exercise out there. Being able to build a community around the sport you love is beneficial for both your physical and mental health!

Equipment and Accessibility

Although, yes, good quality cycling equipment can be pricey, it is one of the most accessible sports out there. The only things needed to ride a bike are the bike itself and a protective helmet; with these two things, you can start indulging in this amazing sport for yourself. Many sports are seen as elitist because of the equipment required to even try them out – and luckily, cycling is not one of those sports. If you are financially struggling, you can even buy second-hand bikes which are good quality and serve your needs. Alternatively, you can hire well-serviced bikes for day trips out. 


If you are looking for a more advanced ride, the technology that has been developed for cycling is truly amazing. There are now hybrid electric bikes available for an assisted ride which can be bought for surprisingly reasonable prices. Also known as e-bikes, these amazing new bikes can help you go longer distances and increase the amount you cycle on a day to day basis. To research these, try out the ribble electric road bike review for all you need to know about these amazing new developments. 

Fun For The Entire Family!

One of the greatest things about cycling is that it can be enjoyed by people of all ages and abilities. Teaching your children to ride a bike is a milestone of young parenting – you see them grow up right before your eyes. As a family, you can go on cycling trips which incorporate health, fitness, fun, and expiration of new places. This sport doesn’t discriminate – even if you have a toddler, or a child who is otherwise unable to bike ride, you can attach tagalongs to take your child with you on your bike ride! Likewise, if you have a family dog, this is an amazing way to exercise your pup by having him run alongside the bike. If your pup is a little guy who can’t keep up, invest in a basket for him to sit in while you take your bike for a spin!

The Environment

Of course, how could you forget the environmental benefits of cycling. Those who invest time and energy in cycling are not only helping their bodies be healthier, but the planet too. Cycling to work and school instead of taking the car is beneficial for all, and saves money too! Using your bike instead of filling up your tank or paying for a bus ticket will help you budget, and spend money on the things you really love.

Cycling cuts down on many different types of pollution. These include:

    • Air pollution. Cycling more means driving less, and this leads to a drop in air pollution. Particularly if you live in a city centre, where pollution levels are likely to be very high, cycling instead of taking the bus or car is helping the planet breathe more easily.

  • Noise pollution. In cities, the levels of noise pollution disturb people’s lives while also having a devastating effect on the terrified wildlife that surrounds it. By cycling, you’re helping bring more peace and quiet to the areas of the world that need it most. 


  • Construction pollution. If everyone cycled more, instead of driving everywhere, this would reduce the need for new roads and parking spaces to be built in busy areas. This would allow less construction to take place, reducing the pollution it causes – both noise and air. 


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